Is the world getting more evil?

The warnings from the old prophets to Israel still stand for us today. Didn’t you learn from your forefathers? When they committed wickedness it ended badly! When you commit wickedness, and do not repent, it will end badly for you too. Repent now while there is still time!

If the news is any indication, it seems like time is running out! More and more evil, greater and greater intensity, wickedness of all kinds is being accepted, endorsed, permitted and sometimes even encouraged! It’s everywhere, and it’s horrible, and it’s ushering in the Day of Judgement at an accelerated pace.


Some don’t even make pretenses about worshiping false gods anymore, they outright proclaim they are worshiping satan – the enemy of God and mankind. The ultimate spiritual adultery against God our Creator.


In perhaps the largest display in history of an idol depicting a foreign god, New York projected the image of the Hindu god Kali onto the Empire State Building. Some people celebrated this depiction of the goddess of death and destruction. Most people did not even bat an eye at the event, evil is common and many feel it should be accepted.

Want to read about it from the secular perspective? Their version of the story isn’t very encouraging either.


We are seeing an increase in violence and murderous thoughts among people of all ages.

13 shootings resulting in three deaths in Portland in just two weeks time.


In this article we see a teen threatening to kill his classmates over a craving for nude photos.


Islam may be called the religion of peace but there seems to be very little peaceful about it. Even the way they treat their own children is bloody and torturous. God condemned the demon worshiping religions that sacrificed their children to idols. How much longer will He tolerate these religions that perform blood rituals on their children in the name of their god?


Muslims mutilate their children in blood rituals.


Muslims mutilate their daughters genitals.


Oh and yes this is happening in America!


Marines try to stop exploitation of children and are reprimanded for it!


Muslims form a rape gang at a University campus in Rhode Island


Abomination on a national level. The US Supreme Court passes a ruling to force states to perform immoral same-sex marriages.


This isn’t the first time the highest court of the land has imposed, endorsed, and enforced abominable practices on the American people. In 1973 the Supreme Court rules that women have the right to murder their unborn children with the help of a doctor in an act of abortion without fear of prosecution. God will not long tolerate the sacrifice of innocents to the gods of selfishness and fear and oppression.


The blood of more than 56,000,000 innocents have stained our country since 1973 in the name of freedom. There was no freedom for those children, only death.


Now the legalization of abortion has led to the profiteering of the murder of unborn children for body parts.  These articles and videos are very difficult to look at, so be warned. A person doesn’t need to read the article or watch the videos to know the information is true, and horrible, and evil almost beyond measure.


And if that isn’t enough, the trend is pushing toward infanticide. There are activists pushing for what they have termed post-birth abortion, the right to murder infants after they are born alive. They literally are pushing for the right to legalize murder, perhaps up to the age of four years!


In Islam murder is legal at any age. Beheading, burial up to ones neck, and even mass murder in public place is commonly practiced every day. One must only disobey the Koran to warrant death by beheading. Radical Muslims can engage in acts of terrorism and mass bombings to kill hundreds or thousands of people at once, and gain the praise of their fellow worshipers. They are commanded in their religion to kill anyone who is not Muslim. And before anyone asks if beheading is perhaps a humane, painless way to die, the answer is no. It hurts. Almost certainly excruciatingly so. But painful or no, taking away someone’s life is against God’s commandments.


There are some indications that death by beheading is coming to America.


School shootings, workplace violence, and threats of mass murder are becoming so common that people almost don’t even notice them any more. These things used to be so rare that the whole nation would miss a day of work or school in respect of the families who lost a loved one. Schools had whole weeks of counseling set up to help students cope with the trauma of hearing about a school shooting on the other side of the nation. Now? A general warning is issued to be careful. Parents don’t pull their kids out of school and start homeschooling to protect their kids, they just keep sending them to school. Colleges might close classes for a day if they think their particular school could be effected (or has been effected) but then they go right back to business as usual as if nothing happened. Christians are martyred (yes if someone is killed specifically because they are Christian it is called martyr! If they survive the experience it is called persecution) by gunmen who target Christians and the media try to cover it up! This looks very much like wickedness, evil and violence increasing from my perspective. Why don’t other people see it this way?