I created this website at a prompting from the Lord, and from mine own need for a place that links prophetic scripture of end time events to current events that I see happening in the world on a daily basis. These things have been happening for a while now, but in the last couple years the events have been increasing, escalating exponentially. I feel time is short, very short. We’re almost out of time, and the world as we know it will come to an end. Biblical prophesy is being fulfilled right now in our lifetime, all over the world, especially in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, but there is no region untouched. There is no where to run, no place to hide, except in the Lord Jesus, the Messiah. He is our hiding place. In Him we are safe.

But when I have tried to talk to people about this feeling of urgency that I have regarding the end of days, I’m often met with blank stares, or mocking comments. Other people don’t see the connections that I see. And it’s almost impossible to explain all the news articles I’ve seen connected to all the prophesies in the Bible in 30 seconds or less. I’ve talked to a few other Christians who have had the same problem. So this website was created to provide evidence of what the Bible says in comparison to what we see happening in the world.

While I do provide some commentary to explain why the different news articles are included, in general I wish for the evidence to speak for itself. It is not for me to convince anyone that I am right or I am wrong, this isn’t about me. This is about fulfillment of prophesy. If prophesy is being fulfilled it will be fulfilled regardless of whether people believe me or not. If it is not being fulfilled then it will not be fulfilled regardless of how much I try to convince anyone to believe it. My main purpose with this website is to provide the scriptures of prophetic events and a few samples of current world events that seem to be linked to those prophetic scriptures of signs of the end times.

Again, let me emphasize, this website is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of every news article that has ever been published (or even from the last year) that lends to each prophesy. There are too many articles! It would become a full time job trying to find and post every article for every sign of the end times. I already have other work I need to be doing. The point of this website is to demonstrate links, and trends, and events that I see connecting the signs of the end times to our time we are living in right now. Sometimes the rapidity with which the world is changing is staggering! Things are happening in our lifetime that we never thought we would see. It’s just so amazing. This website is not intended to find all the links for you, but to make you aware, to sound the alarm, to wake people up so that they will see for themselves the things happening around us, and get ready! Jesus is coming! The end of days is drawing near!