Mass Animal Deaths

There is already a website that attempts to keep track of the mass animal die-offs around the globe, so just as I am not trying to keep track of every single article that links in any way to prophesy fulfillment, I am not going to try to keep track of every single article that reports on mass animal die-offs either. This page is just to draw attention to the fact that not only is it happening, it’s happening in record numbers. And it’s happening so rapidly that scientists are baffled. Is it from GMO experimentation? Is it from over use of pesticides? Is it from high levels of radiation? Is it from temperature changes? Do these reports of mass animal death meet the description of 1/3 of the earth’s creatures dying?


This is the website that lists links to articles about mass animal deaths. There is a link with every listing, so there are links to many other places from this website.


88% of a rare species of antelope in one area of Northern Asia have died off suddenly in a 24 hour period. Not once, but twice! More than 200,000 antelope have died suddenly. Scientists don’t know why.


Dolphins, sea turtles, humpback whales and blue whales washing ashore dead in India.


Not all of the mass animal deaths are from a mysterious cause, sometimes we know exactly what has caused the deaths. Does that make them any less significant? 90% of the total population of Monarch Butterflies have been killed by poisons developed by Monsanto.