People are being Trained to Accept The Mark

I was talking to a store owner October 23. She no longer accepts any kinds of cards (debit or credit) because the card processing company was going to require her to pay $500 for a new machine as well as a door frame scanner (don’t know how much that was going to cost her but I believe it was in addition to the new card reader) for the RFID chips they are putting in cards. She said that also in the paperwork they were sending her that they adviser her not to accept cash payments any more because they claim “anyone who is using cash is a criminal”. This is the most astounding claim!!! I came home and told my family about this and Rivan said hackers have already figured out how to crack the RFID chips and can hack someone’s card in their wallet with a hand held scanner and the person will never know. Ron found this RFID blocking wallet for sale online. Check the back of your bank card. If it has an RFID chip you might want to consider getting one of these wallets to protect your financial identity (no I don’t get any kickbacks for sharing the link). I don’t want you to miss this point though. I especially wanted to emphasize the part that the card companies are now teaching people that anyone who uses cash is a criminal, or suspect of criminal activity. They’re teaching the population to only use their devices, trust the government, don’t trust people, don’t buy or sell without their mark. Little bit unsettling to me! Thought you might be interested.