The War on Terror and the Terror of War

If there was ever a time when the entire world was inundated with rumors of wars, this is it! There are wars being fought int he Middle east. And there are wars being talked about, threatened, and battles raging all over the world. Terrorists continue to attack civilians in public places. Some governments are aligning themselves with Israel, some are aligning themselves against Israel whether their people agree with it or not. Some governments are equipping their people with firearms so that they will be able to defend themselves against invaders both foreign and domestic. Some governments are working overtime to disarm their people so that they will be more easily overtaken. War is everywhere. Fighting is everywhere. People get angry more easily over smaller offenses. And the ugliness is vastly increasing. We definitely are experiencing all kinds of wars, physical warfare, psychological warfare, political warfare, emotional warfare, and spiritual warfare, and we are hearing rumors of wars, rumors of mass shootings, rumors of government conspiracies against their own people, rumors of invasion forces setting the stage for a war yet to come, and rumors of wars being planned. Our leaders are proclaiming peace and safety, look here, look there, everything is fine, go about your daily business, pretend nothing is wrong. But journalists are telling us otherwise, global warfare is in the making, and very few will escape.


In this Prophesy update from January 31, 2016 discussion of the Psalm 83 war and how it may be stacking up right now in current events is discussed in relation to the Iranian President going to the Vatican and asking the Pope to pray for him.


Russia is taking sides with Syria and ISIS against Isreal.


A lone shooter intent on killing Christians specifically was killed in a shootout with police on an Oregon campus.


Rockets fired on Israel


Russia sending soldier so Syria


FBI Investigating report of ISIS terrorist threat in New York