The Bible is our number one resource. There are several online and mobile apps you can use to read the Bible in digital format, as well as the old fashioned printed Bible available from most book stores. We also occasionally use other resources for information and research. Here are some of our primary resources that you can use too. We strongly recommend you read the Bible for yourself! Pray and ask the Lord for discernment for yourself! Put on the whole armor of God so that you can stand against the attacks of the Enemy. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness.

For current events, news, and discussion we primarily use resources on the internet. Sometimes we may come across a magazine or newspaper article as well. Some of our sources may be only available on Facebook pages, or Youtube, or other websites that not everyone likes. This is beyond our control, as the originator of the source information chooses where they wish to publish the information they are sharing, we just provide links to information that other people have provided.

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