Do these events fulfill the prophesy of the darkened sun?

Yes there have been solar eclipses and partial solar eclipses. And yes God gave us the sun and the moon and stars for signs in the heavens. So the eclipses we’ve seen could be prophetic events.


But there’s more. The sun has been darkened in other ways too.



Again… I want to say… it seems mighty curious to me that this storm happened at the onset of the feast of trumpets. Reports are that this storm darkened the sun over Jerusalem for two days, delaying the start of the Feast of Trumpets celebration, because the new moon could not be sighted from Jerusalem by 2 or 3 witnesses. This happened also on a day when there was a partial solar eclipse, but that eclipse was only visible from the southern tip of Africa and Antarctica. (And was apparently a super rare double eclipse, but only visible from outer space! NASA got pictures.) This is all so very interesting to me. It seems like Biblical prophesy is being fulfilled in orders of magnitude! Not just this one… so many more… but this is quite remarkable! Who else sees what I see? Who else sees how much is happening all over the world, and especially in Jerusalem, that points to Biblical fulfillment of prophesies?